Custom projects

We understand that every project is unique. At Roca, we offer collaborative, flexible and efficient service to help you bring your design visions to life, wherever you are and whatever you need.

Our value proposition


Our experts will advise you and share their vast know-how of the bathroom space. They will help you at each stage of your project, from space planning to product selection, installation and after-sales service.


Our continuous collaboration with sector practitioners keeps us in tune with the latest methods and requirements in order to provide you with flexible and efficient solutions that meet real world challenges.


Our products feature cutting-edge technology and come with the latest innovations in environmental protection, bringing added value to your project by responding user preferences and habits.


We are 100% committed to your project goal, whatever its scope and complexity. We offer expert support on any matter you may need help with, making it easier than ever to create complete solutions for any bathroom space.

Your global project partner

We seek to become an active partner in your project. We will work as a team to achieve the best results possible down to the smallest details. You can count on our support wherever you are, whatever you need.

Innovation that respects heritage

Our specifying guides follow global frameworks while respecting local cultural principles. We unite time-honoured manufacturing techniques, quality materials and tried-and-tested components to offer a complete range of tasteful, long-lasting products.

Project Case Studies

Omeraki Restaurant embodies sustainability through its visionary interiors designed by Enrique Barrera. Collaborating with Roca, Barrera immerses the user in a narrative of environmental consciousness with cutting-edge energy-saving technologies.

The Cloudscape breaks the mould of public libraries, and shines as a stellar example of how thoughtfully designed civic architecture can add tremendous value to everyday life.

A unique building designed by Benedetta Tagliabue – EMBT Architects, Fundación Kālida exemplifies the healing power of architecture for the betterment of society.

An industrial building in the heart of Barcelona is transformed into an experiential restaurant filled with elements of nature and a ‘must see’ bathroom space.

An important collaboration with a luxury hotel chain and international architecture firms emphasizes respect for the environment through sustainable design.

A masterclass in warmth, elegance, and welcoming hospitality. Designed in an earth-toned aesthetic, the bathrooms offer a perfect fusion of modern style and timeless elegance.

“Not Destroy, but Renew”. Roca Chats with Magda Federowicz-Boule of Tremend Architects, Designer of the AC Marriott Hotel, Kraków, Poland.

Concordia Design is a contemporary creative hub, featuring coworking spaces, an event centre, an upscale restaurant, and a striking roof terrace that overlooks the city’s Słodowa Island.

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