The Planet

The protection of the environment is fully integrated in all actions we carry out, from the implementation of more sustainable and efficient production processes to the development of solutions that contribute to the reduction of water and energy consumption. This enables us to progressively reduce the environmental footprint of our entire value chain.

Sustainable production processes

We love our planet and put all our energy in taking care of it. Based on this commitment, we make sure that all processes, technologies and materials are implemented with a sustainable and respectful approach.

Good practices and reduction of the environmental footprint

We take great pride in honoring our commitments. This is the reason why we proactively work with different national and international assessment bodies. Our Quality and Environmental Policy includes different certifications that confirm a sustainable environmental performance, such as those by AENOR or IQNET.

Leadership in sustainable initiatives

We take our role as benchmark in the bathroom industry very seriously. For this reason, we lead the way in actions aimed at fulfilling our environmental commitments. Initiatives such as Eco-Roca, Zero Waste or Life ENVIP show our firm commitment to achieving more efficient and cleaner production processes that contribute to taking care of the planet.

Eco Roca

Focused on reducing CO2 emissions, which are responsible for 90% of the greenhouse gases, Eco Roca integrates the respect for the environment in our production processes.

Products that consume less water and energy

Our commitment to the environment drives us to research and develop technologies, solutions and products that favor a responsible use of resources, allowing greater water and energy savings.

Use of recycled materials

One of the keys to our environmental commitment is working towards a circular economy. Thus, various Roca products contain a high percentage of recycled materials in their composition.

Environmental declaration of Roca products

As part of Roca's commitment to the environment, standardized reports have been developed on the environmental performance of the products corresponding to the ceramic pieces and faucet families.

Innovative projects along with specialists

We are always working to be at the forefront of innovation and sustainability. With the aim of leading research in sustainable materials and technologies, we establish strategic alliances with leading partners in the industry.

Roca Group obtiene la Medalla de Oro de EcoVadis por su desempeño sobresaliente en Sostenibilidad

La evaluación de EcoVadis valida los compromisos y el desempeño en sostenibilidad de Roca Group, posicionando a la empresa en el top 3% a nivel global.