Sustainable production processes

We love our planet and put all our energy in taking care of it. Based on this commitment, we make sure that all processes, technologies and materials are implemented with a sustainable and respectful approach. From the manufacturing of ceramic pieces, faucets, furniture or tiles to the specialization in materials such as acrylics, steel or cast iron, we have been able to considerably reduce the environmental impact of our plant processes in the last few years.  

An example of this would be the installation of facilities for the production of solar power in four of our plants, thereby ensuring that 10-20% of the energy consumption of those plants comes from our own renewable sources

Another example is the Let's Make a Deal program (Roca Group Corporate University and the We Are Water Foundation) in 14 production plants all around the world to save more than 25.6 million liters –the equivalent to 11 Olympic swimming pools-.

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Related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Responsible Consumption & Production

Efficient resource and energy usage & environmentally -friendly infrastructures

Climate Action

Reduction and offsetting of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

Technological innovation for progress in the sector.

Clean Water & Sanitation

Main objectives of the projects undertaken by the Foundation.

Affordable & Clean Energy

Use of energy from renewable sources.