We are deeply committed to developing long-term valuable relationships with all groups we interact with: employees, suppliers, clients and end-users, among others. We foster safe and healthy work environments and we safeguard the personal and professional development of our workforce all around the world.

Human rights

We place the focus on people. As the search for their well-being is the foundation of everything we do, we can only understand our work if it is based on the respect for human rights.

Ethical principles

We like to take pride in what we do. This is why we make sure that our ethical principles inspire our day-to-day work.


Our values are the driving force that has brought us this far. Professionalism, entrepreneurial spirit, ethical commitment and leading by example are at the core of everything we have been doing for more than 100 years.

Health and safety

Caring for people has always been our calling. For this reason, our workplaces have integrated occupational risk prevention tasks in all processes, environments and hierarchy levels.

Human development

We are passionate about fostering talent both inside and outside Roca. We are committed to the professional and personal development of our employees at all operational levels.