Cocina Hermanos Torres

An industrial building in the heart of Barcelona is transformed into an experiential restaurant filled with elements of nature and a ‘must see’ bathroom space.

Project type Restaurant
Location Barcelona, Spain
Architects Carlos y Borja Ferrater | Office of Architecture in Barcelona (OAB)
Roca expertise
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Introduction: In 2018, after years of working independently in some of the world’s finest kitchens, twin brothers Sergio and Javier Torres opened their dream project, Cocina Hermanos Torres, in Barcelona’s Les Corts neighbourhood. The two-starred Michelin chefs, who learned to cook at age 14 with their grandmother Catalina, have long been respected for their creative and innovative approach to fine dining. Their unique vision has been brought to new heights with Cocina Hermanos Torres. Roca speaks to Carlos and Borja Ferrater, the architects behind the restaurant’s ground-breaking design.

  • Can you tell us a little more about the concept behind this project?
  • Cocina Hermanos Torres is a project born out of the desire to create a new experience in the world of cuisine and catering. From the beginning, Sergio and Javier Torres defined what they were after in a few words: “More than a restaurant with a kitchen we’d like to create a kitchen with a restaurant.” When the brothers found their ideal space – an 800m2 former industrial shed – we were able to start converting their ideas into a concrete design for the interior and exterior.
  • Can you walk us through the design process?
  • Once the spatial organization was established, a crucial element came into play to guarantee that the dining experience would match the comfort and convenience it deserved. To mitigate the industrial shed ambiance, various materials were employed to create a sense of warmth and ambiguity, transforming the vast and originally cold space into one that exudes a welcoming and cozy atmosphere. Tablecloths, cushioned seats, and a select few carpets were strategically employed to soften the environment, enhance comfort, and help regulate the room's acoustics. Great care was also taken to ensure that the decorative elements remained minimal allowing only the truly essential to take center stage — namely, the culinary experience.
  • The result is spectacular and the interior really embodies the idea of a “kitchen with a restaurant”...
  • That’s right, the main protagonists of this project will always be the client, the chef, and the food. To ensure this, we kept concessions to a minimum to make other elements less conspicuous. A big black and gold backlit curtain occupies the whole side wall acting as one single decorative and magical element.
  • What role did Roca play in the design of Cocina Hermanos Torres?
  • Roca was involved in this project from day one. In fact, it was Roca who introduced us to the Torres brothers. Having designed the Barcelona Roca Gallery, Roca suggested us as an architectural firm capable of assuming the requirements of this new iconic restaurant.

    Roca’s participation in the design process led us to develop new ideas and research materials. We worked together on many aspects of the design including the idea for the large ceramic floor that defines the kitchen. Roca was able to produce a madeto-measure floor that not only reflected traditional Spanish kitchens, like that of the Torres brother’s grandmother, but also became a distinguishing feature in the restaurant.

    In addition, we decided the bathrooms should stand out from the rest of the space, creating an atmosphere that would be more typical of a ship’s cabin than a huge industrial shed. Roca made it possible to create these one-of-a-kind bathroom spaces.

  • Speaking of the restrooms, how does this space contribute to the overall restaurant experience?
  • The restrooms are conceived as one more part of the client’s experience. Grooming and personal hygiene before and after eating are, and must be, everyday habits, and for that reason the bathrooms are given the same degree of importance as the rest of the restaurant spaces. This is why, alongside the ten preparatory kitchens, you’ll find a total of seven bathrooms at Cocina Hermanos Torres.
  • The restrooms are a little more than just a place of grooming and personal hygiene though, aren’t they?
  • The Torres brothers wanted the restrooms to be an integral part of the restaurant experience. Firmly committed to the critical issue of water consumption, the chefs have been collaborating with the We Are Water Foundation since 2016. Founded by Roca in 2010, the foundation serves two vital objectives: spreading awareness of the importance of water among local authorities and society at large and implementing aid projects in regions struggling with water scarcity and sanitation issues. As the climate crisis intensifies, the foundation’s work has become even more crucial.

    Thanks to the combined efforts of Roca and Samsung, the restroom area is an extension of the natural world. Enormous screens project breathtaking images of lush forests, providing patrons with a truly sensory experience while fostering an awareness of the need to protect our planet.

  • The brother’s dedication to creating an environmentally conscious restaurant is clear in this space. How does this reflect in the choice of materials and products used in the bathroom?
  • In the bathroom, we incorporated Iroko wood to create a natural ambiance that sets it apart from the rest of the space. The use of this exquisite wood brings a touch of nature, infusing the area with a sense of warmth and comfort.

    Cocina Hermanos Torres stands as a testament to Sergi and Javier Torres’ passion for gastronomy and sustainability. They strive to raise awareness about the importance of environmental stewardship, delivering a powerful message of responsibility and dedication to the environment.