Roca BIM objects

Download our BIM objects from the cloud and integrate them into any BIM software to increase the efficiency of your projects by achieving faster, higher quality processes that minimise the margin of error.

Roca and BIM object have worked together to ensure that Roca's entire product catalogue is accessible online.

Roca signed a cooperation agreement with BIM object in 2014, which reinforces our commitment to supporting professionals in this field and ensuring that they have the most advanced tools to help them in their work.

A BIM object contains information that includes all the important data of the product properties. Following the collaborative digital working method of Building Information Modelling (BIM) technologies, BIM objects can be downloaded from the cloud and integrated into any BIM software.

Architects, designers and planners can use this advanced tool for all projects they undertake. The ability to download BIM objects from Roca significantly increases the efficiency and quality of your work by achieving faster and higher quality processes that minimise errors.


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Need help with our BIM objects?

If you have any problems finding our BIM objects in a specific format or you require custom made solutions, we're here to help.

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