Milan Design Week 2024

From 15 to 21 April, we presented our latest collections and cutting-edge developments with an installation at Fuorisalone and a stand at the bi-annual International Bathroom Exhibition at Salone del Mobile.

Mediterranean Perspectives
Discover the timeless essence of responsible design.
Nestled within the bustling International Bathroom Exhibition, Roca’s pavilion stands out with a geometric design that is reminiscent of the Mediterranean and closely linked to Barcelona architecture. Designed by Barcelona-based architecture firm, Mesura, Mediterranean Perspectives is an introverted design that opens up via a central plaza, inviting you to enter and discover the interior.
At the heart of the space is the colourful Nu faucet collection by Studio Inma Bermúdez, a captivating focal point with a vivid and playful design. Bathed in a soft glow of natural light reminiscent the Mediterranean, that stand showcases our signature collections and pioneering innovations, as well as a new, redesigned faucet collection.
Salone del Mobile, April 16—21

Sparking Change
Discover a path between tradition and industrial innovation in the ceramics industry.
Sparking Change, designed by Mario Cucinella Architects, embodies the principles of circularity and decarbonisation, demonstrating the positive environmental impact of a pioneering innovation that is leading to a paradigm shift in the sanitary ceramics industry.
Located at the Università degli Studi in Milan, a semi-circular backdrop of 4.5 m high modular ceramic elements invites you to explore the evolution of ceramics and witness the transformation of raw materials into works of art.
Fuorisalone Interni “Cross Vision”, April 15—28.