Toilets & Bidets

From start to finish, The Gap incorporates subtle improvements in design that add up to make a big difference. Toilets, bidets, seats and covers make use of materials and technology that make them more hygienic and user-friendly, while at the same time sporting a sleek modern style. With its iconic and refined aesthetic and endless opportunities for personalisation, The Gap represents the union of adaptability, dependability and practical modern design.

Styles for All Spaces

The Gap features a range of toilets and bidets with a variety of stylish features. Toilets can come in round or square models, and can be installed wall-hung to gain additional space or floor-standing for a classic look. 

Maximum Hygiene

The Gap unites many of Roca’s most noteworthy innovations in hygiene into a single collection. The elimination of the toilet rim in The Gap’s Rimless models means less germs and easier maintenance. Seats and covers are made with our patented Supralit® material whose anti-porous qualities make it ultraresistant to bacteria. These features combine to create a safer, more hygienic home for you and your loved ones.

Eco-friendly Features

With an eye towards sustainability and conservation, The Gap’s dual-flush toilets use as little as two liters of water per flush. The Gap’s easy maintenance and bacteria-resistant materials mean that a smaller amount of chemicals is used with each cleaning.

Easy Cleaning

The Gap is specially designed with straightforward maintenance and painless cleaning in mind. The collection’s seats and covers can be quickly extracted and remounted, making once difficult corners to reach corners easily accessible. And because Roca Rimless ® toilets eliminate hard-to-reach angles and gaps, wiping the bowl with a cleaning cloth is enough to keep the toilet clean and prevent build-up of lime and bacteria.

Toilets & Bidets features

Compact and comfort height models

Soft-close & Easy removal seat and cover

Roca Rimless® design for easy cleaning

Round and square designs