New launches

Bathrooms are evolving to meet the needs of the contemporary consumer. The modern bathroom is smarter and more efficient than ever before. Discover our new range of bathroom collections and product innovations and get inspired to create your personal space of comfort and wellbeing.

Ona collection

Ona pays homage to the diverse shapes of nature from our native Mediterranean. It is functional without ever appearing cold, with crisp aesthetics that follow the inherent warmth of the natural environment, made for those who enjoy the power of silent landscapes.

Tura collection

Tura collection perfectly adapts to its surroundings whether it be a modernist apartment or a country house by the sea. Its timeless style, architectural forms combined with warm tones and textures open up the potential for inspired bathroom spaces that transcend the everyday and captivate the imagination..

Nu collection

The Nu collection represents a purity of visual expression and a synthesis of essential design elements: form, shape and colour.

In-Wash® Insignia

The Ultimate Smart Toilet. In-Wash ® Insignia embodies the very idea of a vanguard point and boldly stepping ahead. Our most advanced creation aims to be the spearhead of a new category. The new benchmark of digitalisation of the bathroom experience.

In-Wash® Ona

Seamlessly integrated technology. A Mediterranean-inspired design with delicately embedded technology to transform your toilet experience. Smart made simple.

Multiclean® M-Series

Enhance your toilet's cleaning capabilities by transforming it into a shower toilet or harness the power of technology by turning it into a smart toilet. Enter our Multiclean® range: designed to fit into most of our existing toilets with remarkable sleekness.

Roca Connect

Roca Connect is a cloud-based smart bathroom solution that digitises and simplifies water management in public buildings by networking every appliance under a single intuitive dashboard and app.


An innovation by Roca, unique in the world. Roca has reimagined the bathroom space by introducing a cutting-ege toilet with integrated cistern that frees up valuable space.


The redesigned Targa collection inspires a lifestyle of sustainable elegance. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, its sleek, slender silhouette and clean, straight lines exude an air of modern refinement. Available in different sizes, these versatile faucets blend form and function, featuring innovative water-saving technologies and come in range of finishes.

Roca Unveils

The latest product innovations explained by our specialists

Roca's new smart toilet integrates the cistern into the pan itself. An all-in-one solution that optimizes space and allows for an easier installation, combined with the latest technology for the maximum comfort and hygiene.

The Smart Shower is the first solution that allows users to set up customized experiences from their smartphone and monitor water consumption to encourage responsible and sustainable use.

Roca is standing out for its excellence and continuous innovation in the production of sanitary ceramics. With Fineceramic® we have pushed the established boundaries in the design of washbasins and with Senceramic® we have reinvented the shower tray.

Roca faucets have never ceased to evolve, with continuous innovations in every new launch. Technologies for more sustainable use and increasingly sophisticated designs and finishes, expand and enhance our comprehensive range of faucet solutions.

In a time when limiting contact has become crucial, at Roca we have focused our resources on developing and improving our range of Touchless solutions to provide our customers with the best tools to protect their health and the health of their loved ones.

Roca's entrepreneurial spirit has led us to develop new materials and evolve them according to our commitment to quality and sustainability. For this reason, we keep on improving the formula of Stonex® and adding new designs, colors, textures and formats to our range of shower trays and bathtubs with this material.