In-Wash® Ona

Seamlessly integrated technology

A Mediterranean-inspired design with delicately embedded technology to transform your toilet experience. Smart made simple.


Designed for simplicity

Outstanding aesthetics, seamless technology. The smartest experience is an uncomplicated one. Every feature in In-Wash® Ona has been carefully considered to be intuitive by nature. Simple and accessible, the side panel and knob allow the user to personalise washing and drying functions easily, while the Roca Connect app enables extended control of every functionality.

An optimized experience

Smartly user-focused cleaning and drying. Different sources for rear and front water washing. For rear wash we apply Airtech technology where air mixed in the water allows for a better cleaning result. Water temperature, nozzle position and water pressure are totally adaptable. After washing, the Coanda effect provides top-performing and efficient drying technology. In-Wash® Ona puts the user at the centre and makes it easy to configure and activate each step.

Clean by design

Total hygiene for peace of mind. Design and technology exceed expectations with a selection of materials and features that help keep bacteria at bay, maintaining In-Wash® Ona’s highest hygiene standards. UV light to sanitise the self-cleaning nozzle after each use, Roca Rimless® for optimised cleaning, and the quick release cover with Lift&Clean for easy and thorough sanitising.

Roca Connect

The power of IoT at your fingertips. Integrated systems make In-Wash® Ona seamlessly smart. Set your preferred washing and drying configurations, and manage and pre-programme other functions via the dedicated mobile app. Access and track consumption insights, get notifications and alerts in Roca Connect and discover how technology can support sustainability through effective water management.

Knob and Side Panel

Easy and accessible control of the whole washing and drying experience with a knob and lateral side buttons.

Rear and Front Wash

Different sources for totally adaptable rear and front washing. For rear wash we apply Airtech technology where air mixed in the water allows for a better cleaning result.

Coanda Effect

This principle was a source of inspiration in the design of the nozzle, which directs air to the precise point where it is needed. Now air can be directed to a specific area for peak drying performance at any power level.

Self-cleaning Nozzle with UV Light

Applying water before and after every use and complementing it with UV light, In-Wash ® Ona ensures the removal of 99,99% of bacteria.

Lift & Clean

The e-bidet can be partially detached. A simple lift to make cleaning extra easy.

Roca Rimless®

Optimised cleaning with a bowl designed to exceed all flushing standards.

Heated Seat

Enhanced experience with an optional heated seat function for carefully balanced warmth in the seat. Only available in heated seat versions.

Night Light

Subtle illumination to easily find In-Wash ® Ona at night.


An easy-to-use descaling process to ensure long-term performance.

Roca Connect

Conceived as a user-friendly extension of the knob and side panel, Roca Connect allows you to adjust the settings and duration of every process. You can also schedule and programme maintenance, cleaning and other operations.

Product range

In-Wash® Ona wall-hung

Wall-hung smart toilet. Roca Rimless® , seat and cover with washing and drying function included. Needs power supply. Duplo WC One Smart installation system (A890078020) recommended.

A803150S01: without heated seat

A80315FS01: with heated seat

In-Wash® Ona close-coupled

Close-coupled smart toilet with dual flush (4,5/3 litres) and dual outlet. Roca Rimless® , seat and cover and washing and drying function included. Needs power supply

A803151S01: without heated seat

A80315HS01: with heated seat

In-Wash® Ona back to wall single floorstanding

Back to wall single floorstanding smart toilet with dual outlet. Roca Rimless® , seat and cover with washing and drying function included. Needs power supply. Basic Tank One Compact installation system (A890070200) recommended.

A803153S01: without heated seat

A80315GS01: with heated seat



Box with 3 sachets.