Senceramic® shower trays offer all the outstanding properties of ceramics in a superslim and highly anti-slip design. Available in five colours, Senceramic® shower trays can be cut to size and and installed at floor level.

Main benefits

Antislip. Maximum safety.

Its unique surface can be achieved thanks to the innovative glazing of Senceramic®, exclusive at Roca, which develops all its properties during the firing process. This is how a textured surface with the highest anti-slip effect is created.

EASY CLEANING. Minimal maintenance.

The zero porosity of ceramics and its resistance to chemical agents makes cleaning easier.

HIGH RESISTANCE. Maximum durability.

High resistance to wear and tear and abrasion, ensuring the product remains in perfect condition over time.

SUPERSLIM. Integrated and functional design.

The shower trays can be installed level to the floor for a perfect integration in the bathroom.

CUT-TO-SIZE. Adapts to any space.

Thanks to its properties, these shower trays can be cut to the exact size of the shower space, ensuring a perfect fit in any bathroom.

Five finishes. Exclusive colour range.

Senceramic® is available in five exclusive finishes: White, Beige, Coffee, Pearl and Onyx.

Technical features

Maximum safety

The textured finish lends the shower tray its marked anti-slip properties (Class C*), offering maximum safety. Moreover, it is very pleasant to the touch.

Resistance and durability

In chemical/cleaning agents resistance tests*, Senceramic® achieves excellent results against harsh products such as hydrochloric acid, caustic soda, solvents, ammonia, Betadine and others.

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