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With the Cold Start technology, Roca faucets will be your best partner to save water and energy when washing your hands.

A key element for sustainability and energy efficiency at home, Roca basin faucets confirm their commitment to the environment. With the front cold opening, the Cold Start technology prevents the accidental activation of hot water and therefore, the unnecessary use of resources. The boiler will only be turned on when the handle is turned to the left and you will perceive the gradual increase in temperature. Always considered a protagonist in bathroom spaces, faucets provide innovative designs and many features. Choose the ones that best adapt to your needs and lifestyle.


With straight lines and smooth body, Cala faucets provide a touch of elegance and sophistication to the basin. Moreover, they have a flow limiter that adjusts the water volume to the required minimum for every use. Thanks to the Cold Start system, Cala faucets contribute to energy efficiency because their front opening is exclusively reserved to cold water, thus avoiding the accidental activation of the boiler.


A crosswise line with a slightly forward tilt generates a feeling of movement in the spout of Alfa faucets. A proposal with its own character, easily adaptable to the countertop of modern basins.


With a very delicate design, the ergonomic joystick handle of Pals provides extraordinary accuracy. A soft and effortless movement is enough to estimate the required flow.


Fine outlines and a slim handle define the Insignia faucet collection. Thanks to its Everlux coating you can choose from Titanium Black, Rose Gold or Brushed Titanium Black to add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom space.


The curved design with an evocative vintage style provides slenderness to the spout of Lanta faucets. A dynamic collection in which you may choose different heights so that the faucet stands out in your bathroom.


Naia faucets are the perfect choice for minimalistic bathrooms thanks to their cylindrical shapes. And if you are searching for greater visual impact, opt for the Titanium Black, Rose Gold or Brushed Titanium Black finishes.

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