Good practices and reduction of the environmental footprint

We take great pride in honoring our commitments. This is the reason why we proactively work with different national and international assessment bodies.

Our Quality and Environmental Policy includes different certifications that confirm a sustainable environmental performance, such as those by AENOR or IQNET. Moreover, we work in energy efficiency projects with the support of European funds such as FEDER and IVACE, and lead the environmental product declaration in faucets and ceramic pieces.

Likewise, along with other leading partners, Roca is one of the driving forces behind the new European Water Label system, which aims to inform users of the efficiency level in water consumption of a specific sanitary appliance.

  • 50 plants with ISO 14001 certification

  • 57 plants with ISO 9001 certification


Environment and Quality Policy (Roca Group):

Environmental declaration of Roca products:

Roca certificates

Roca Declare labels (International Living Future Institute)

Chain of Custody Policy (FSC)

Reach Declaration

Related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Responsible Consumption & Production

Efficient resource and energy usage & environmentally -friendly infrastructures.

Climate Action

Reduction and offsetting of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

Technological innovation for progress in the sector.

Clean Water & Sanitation

Main objectives of the projects undertaken by the Foundation.

Affordable & Clean Energy

Use of energy from renewable sources.