In-Wash® Insignia: the ultimate smart toilet


With Roca Connect technology, In-Wash® Insignia sets the bar for maximum comfort in the bathroom.

Roca’s cutting-edge and sophisticated In-Wash® Insignia shower toilet provides maximum com-fort and hygiene through advanced digitalized and personalised functions.

In recent years the bathroom sector has undergone a genuine technological revolution. A variety of new products have turned the traditional bathroom into a more efficient, hygienic and comfortable space, giv-ing users the chance to personalise their experience to the full. Now Roca has developed the most ad-vanced toilet on the market: the In-Wash® Insignia with Roca Connect, a product that features the most advanced engineering, design, and technology.

With Roca Connect and maximum connectivity, In-Wash® Insignia is a benchmark for bathroom comfort and digitalisation. The In-Wash® Insignia is an elegantly designed smart toilet with advanced functions that can be adjusted to suit individual preferences. It can be operated by remote control or via the In-Wash® Insignia mobile app. Users can adjust different operating modes and programme different daily functions for optimum toilet maintenance and cleanliness. As part of the Roca Connect IoT service, this revolutionary shower toilet provides information on toilet use and water consumption, and issues up-dates and alerts to facilitate comprehensive management of bathroom installations.

In-Wash® Insignia’s hygienic functions include both front and rear wash, as well as effective dry-ing using the Coanda effect. The front wash is performed with a gentle spray, while the Multiflow® rear wash comes with three options. Thanks to a nozzle designed to direct air to a specific area, the Roca In-Wash® Insignia also achieves maximum drying performance at any power and temperature setting.

The new toilet has a presence sensor and can automate multiple functions. Automated functions that can be easily adjusted using the app include a night light, opening and closing the toilet seat lid, a heated seat, or flushing to match how long the toilet is in use.

In addition, In-Wash® Insignia includes Roca’s exclusive In-Tank® technology, where the cistern is built into bowl, resulting in a more space-efficient and aesthetic design.

Other exclusive Roca solutions include Roca Rimless® to maximise water flow, effective flushing and cleanliness, as well as technologies to guarantee optimal cleanliness such as Supraglaze®, a special treatment of the product’s surface, and a self-cleaning nozzle with UV-light that eliminates 99.99% of all bacteria. Finally, this novel smart toilet also comes with a carbon filter to eliminate odours, and a descal-ing function to enhance long-term performance.

Roca’s sophisticated In-Wash® Insignia will surely satisfy the most demanding users’ tastes and needs.