Hydro In-Tank®: the design toilet without an extra cistern, without any pre-wall installation and without a power connection


Hydro In-Tank®: the design toilet without an extra cistern, without a front-wall installation and with no need for a power connection.

Together with the French water specialist SIAMP, Roca has integrated all flushing technology into the bowl. This development has four patents, the main one being Roca In-Tank® technology. With this technology, the flush tank is built into the bowl and, according to the standard, the toilet is flushed with an electric pump. Hydro In-Tank® is different: with this new technology, flushing is purely hydraulic, using the water pressure from the mains supply. This toilet meets all the hygiene requirements of building services, including safety against leakage (EN 1717).

The great advantage of this toilet is the fact that is does not require any pre-wall installation, making it easy to install. The range includes a wall-hung version – which requires a load-bearing wall – and floor-standing variants with various outlets will be available from Q1/2024. The toilet itself is only slightly larger than a standard toilet.

Instead of a push plate on the wall, the Hydro In-Tank® has two operating elements consisting of two strips of different lengths that trigger a small or large flush when pressed. The Roca Rimless® Vortex flushing system ensures a very silent circular flush of the entire bowl. For maximum hygiene, the rimless ceramic means there are no concealed areas and Roca’s Supraglaze® glazing is antimicrobial and easy to clean.