Dissemination actions

We put our knowledge and expertise at the service of society as a whole, developing initiatives that foster a debate on the key global challenges of the future. Due to its transversal nature, the reflection on the evolution of the bathroom space allows us to address a variety of topics like the new housing models, the role of design and architecture in improving quality of life, the technological transformation or the main environmental challenges, with a special focus on water culture, among many others.

To this effect, we regularly organize meetings with organizations and professionals from very different fields, through platforms like Rocagallery.com or the Roca Galleries spaces, which also host cultural events and open exhibitions for the public. This social engagement is also present in our international design competitions and in the market research we publicly share.


Related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Quality Education

Specialized training programs developed by the RCU.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Equal access to safe, adequate and affordable basic services.

Partnerships for the Goals

Capacity building and services to the wider humanitarian sector.