Cooperation projects

We care about the health and well-being of people. With this in mind, the We Are Water Foundation works to bring water, sanitation and hygiene to the most disadvantaged communities of the planet in collaboration with international organizations and local projects. We take pride in having led initiatives that have improved life in vulnerable regions and have facilitated the access to such an essential resource. We put a special focus on gender and education issues. A small example would be the development of a unit to manufacture low-cost sanitary pads in Haiderpur Haryana (India), with the aim of creating business opportunities for women, promote female hygiene and help eradicate the socio-cultural stigma of menstruation.  

Since the establishment of the Foundation in 2010, our milestones have been:

  • 69 implemented projects

  • 26 countries

  • 1,812,500 beneficiaries

Related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

No Poverty

Safe, regular access to clean water to ensure continued work activity.

Zero Hunger

Development of farming and husbandry through safe water infrastructures.

Good Health and Well-being

Eradication of diseases related to contaminated water or  inadequate sanitation.

Quality Education

Training programs in water and sanitation, with an emphasis on training women.

Gender Equality

Actions to empower women and eradicate discriminatory practices.