Information technologies

Information Technology

The breadth and steady improvements made in the single management platform have focused much of the efforts and resources of the corporate IT department. This project is key to the structuring of all Group companies via process standardization and the use of common management and reporting tools that contribute to a more flexible and effective implementation of strategic guidelines.

The development of the SAP-based platform is based on the SAP Fusion project, which includes both its gradual expansion to new markets and the application of new functional management modules. After an initial phase of process analysis and conceptual design, the platform was extended in 2013 to Portugal, Morocco and Italy. Along with territorial expansion, we have undertaken work to identify improvements and help ensure ongoing evolution of the platform, so that new implementations always include the latest versions. In 2014 this tool is scheduled for rollout in Central and Eastern Europe and in the ceramic tile division.

Regarding the development of functional management modules, we have worked on the implementation of SAP-APO, which sets lead times of delivery for customer orders through a system that aligns the entire supply chain. We have also made progress in integrating production control systems into SAP, which allows the gradual standardization of this process in all Group plants and in upgrading sales force (CRM), Master Data Management (MDM) and advanced cash flow modules. By year-end 2013, the functional management modules under development already covered more than 80% of all Group processes.

Projects undertaken by the department also include the design and launch of the Group’s new corporate website, plus a more functional content management tool that facilitates gradual rollout across all brands. We have also made progress in the development of multimedia solutions aimed at prescribers and consumers, adapting Roca and Laufen product catalogs for smartphones and tablets (apps). Distributor and installer tools include the RocaNet platform, which integrates a specific solution for marketing shower trays and screens.

Regarding communications infrastructure management, our headquarters in Barcelona has been established as a single decision-making and control center. Its main tasks include the mission of ensuring the availability and connectivity of all the Group’s headquarters and plants, overcoming the difficulties present in some markets in terms of infrastructure qualit. The department has the support of IBM in tackling this challenge.