Commercial management

Commercial management

The strategic decision to choose a global conceptual vision of business over the alternative of aggregate companies involves a progressive transformation of the organization in all business areas at a slow but sure pace. Group’s market performance is improved by the implementation of a common technology platform and synergistic management of our industrial capacity, but also by more precise definitions of corporate departmental roles and global brand value.

The creation of our new corporate management — which brings together the Marketing, Design, Technical Management, Quality and Environment, Logistics and Procurement Departments — has enabled us to organize and establish a methodology for functions which previously sprung up naturally to address specific requirements of certain markets. The responsibilities taken on by corporate management include managing key accounts (particularly in developing new channels), performing business intelligence tasks for ongoing market trend research and detecting synergies between the Group’s own capabilities for more streamlined resource management. The regional units focus their efforts on meeting the needs of their local markets, reinforcing the value of proximity and trust with their customers.

In the management of key accounts and strategic agreements, 2013 saw significant progress in the market penetration of Group brands in the hotel industry and the development of the DIY channel. In these two areas, what is of particular importance is Roca’s comprehensive offering for the bathroom space, its industrial capacity and logistics around the world. Many large residential and resort projects in emerging markets were awarded to the Group, including an agreement with the Marriott chain which makes us the preferred supplier to outfit the chain’s bathroom spaces worldwide. The area of DIY has moved forward, thanks to the development of specific solutions for this channel.

In the area of business intelligence, the systematization of tools to detect trends and analyze socioeconomic situations in key markets has already had practical applications and impacted our business. In 2013 we have undertaken studies in markets, such as Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Morocco, India, France and Thailand, with an up-to-date system to analyze the offering of our competition. We have created development programs based on the information obtained, including the restructuring of our business plan in Italy and the Balkans, with a consensus regarding strategies for sanitary ware, faucets and furniture.

The Roca and Laufen global brands play a decisive role in developing the market, as they uphold the Group’s values and utilize its most important resources

In this context, the Roca and Laufen global brands play a decisive role in developing the market, as they uphold the Group’s values and offer considerable resources and market presence that can be exploited. While Laufen and Roca develop their offering, they are also able to acquire knowledge that can be quickly conveyed to the rest of the organization.

In 2013, Roca established a mainstream brand strategy to make us the leading operator in the sector thanks to the development of tailor-made business strategies for each channel, application and customer type. This approach involves changes to the product catalog, which has seen a reduction of 40% in part numbers in the last two years, and to the business and communication strategy, fully integrated into the product development process to reduce time to market. This strategy has already begun to be applied in the design and distribution of product catalogs and brand presentation at trade fairs and other events.

Laufen in turn has developed its value as a premium Swiss brand globally through the creation of a product range with accentuated designs and innovations, also specially fitted to each type of customer and channel. The launch of series such as “Kartell by Laufen” and SaphirKeramik are perfect examples of this two-fold leadership in design and innovation. These series have been catalysts for the brand’s market penetration into the premium segments of key global markets. To support the brand’s image as a renowned partner for architects and designers in high-end projects, in 2013 we have strengthened the international project team in all geographical regions, achieving a significant number of specifications in emblematic spaces.