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The commitment to prevention and hygiene leads the way in technological solutions that avoid direct contact with hands in public bathroom spaces. Presence sensors and electronic mechanisms define a new generation of basin faucets, operating plates for WCs and urinals that prevent virus infections in highly transited bathrooms. Discover Roca’s touchless products, which respond to the WHO recommendations in terms of prevention and control of infections.


Electronic faucets for basins

In the electronic faucet models such as Sentronic or M3-E, the water flow activates once the presence of a user is detected, without having to touch the faucet, and it shuts off automatically when the sensor stops detecting it. A highly hygienic and effective solution to fight the spread of viruses and bacteria and to reduce the use of water in public bathrooms.

In order to adapt to all kinds of installations in public bathrooms, Roca electronic faucets include models with integrated sensor in the base of the faucet or at the end of the spout, and their vandal-resistant design ensures the intactness of the product.



Electronic operating plates for toilets

Programmed to turn on with a simple movement, the EP-1, EP-2 and PL3-E electronic operating plates for toilets activate the cistern flush without having to use our hands. Thus, the risk of infection by contact is minimized and the safety in the use of public WCs is maximized.

The EP-1 and EP-2 plates feature a backlit surface divided into two stripes which are alternatively activated depending on the type of flush (partial or full). Likewise, they can be activated by bringing our hand closer or by choosing the automatic option in which the toilet is instantly cleaned once the user approaches or when a certain time has passed after its use.

Likewise, the PL3-E electronic operating plate, especially designed for spaces with an intensive use, offers a vandal-resistant design that prevents its theft, ensuring the intactness and proper operation of the product at all times.



Flush valves for urinals

The Sentronic electronic flush valves, easy to install in any public urinal, feature a movement sensor that prevents direct contact with hands and therefore, the spread of viruses and bacteria. Moreover, these models allow the configuration of the flush to activate it when the sensor detects the presence of a user or automatically, once a certain time has passed after its use.



Electronic urinals

Programmed to automatically activate the flush after their use, the Euret electronic urinals are equipped with presence sensors that ensure a contactless operation, providing maximum safety against the spread of viruses and bacteria.



Foot pedal controlled faucets

In a mechanical and simple solution, the Foot pedal faucets are foot-operated, avoiding the need to use your hands in public toilets. A practical solution that solves the risk of infection in highly transited bathroom spaces.


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