‘‘A shared history. The brand through its communication’’

The first exhibition we present to celebrate Roca’s centenary in all the Galleries focuses on the history of our communications. We take a look at the trajectory of the company but also at the course of our own collective and personal history.

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  • Icono calendario8th March – 30th June
    M to Sa 9am to 6pm
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100 Years of Roca. 100 Years of Design.

This exhibition shows how our brand’s communications have developed throughout the different periods of the past 100 years.

The family workshop established near Barcelona by the Roca brothers a century ago is now a global operator and a worldwide reference point in the creation of bathroom spaces.

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Curated by Oscar Guayabero, the exhibition explores the different stages of the company, which in turn reflect the distinct periods in the history of Spain.

By taking a journey through the milestones which identify Roca through its advertising and the different communication materials and tools it uses, the exhibition demonstrates the values which have defined Roca over the past 100 years: wellbeing, innovation, design and sustainability.

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The role that these values had in society in each of the different periods is also analysed. The evolution of domestic comfort, the improvement in hygiene habits, the changing configuration of homes, the introduction of new materials and technologies and the effects of globalisation are reflected in each of Roca’s printed and television adverts, catalogues and magazines.

With over 22,600 employees, 78 manufacturing plants around the world and a presence in more than 170 markets, Roca is in a privileged position to intuit what the bathroom space of the future will be, which new solutions will appear and how they will be sustainable for the planet. This is an exhibition which looks back at the past but above all speaks of the future.

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